Study in Chalmers University of Technology


Hi, I am Miina. I stayed in Chalmers University of Technology for five weeks this summer. I would like to introduce this experience.


●研究概要:Microbial Electrolysis Cellの効率を上げるには?


My research topic was about Microbial Electrolysis Cell, which can generate hydrogen gas from wastewater by using specific microorganisms. It means recovery something benefitial from waste, thus this technology may have an important role for creating sustainable society. In the last week of my stay, I and Prof. Nakajima gave presentations about our research progress.


△セミナーの様子 先生方、PhDの方々が出席なさいました。




Besides the research, I really enjoyed Swedish life; full of nature, coffee, comfortable furniture and salty foods with potato. I want to visit Sweden again!



We cannot eat this mushroom, but it is beautiful. The season for mushroom started.

それではまた!Hej då!

M. Yanagihara